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Becs McBride Yoga & Mindfulness

Becs McBride is a yoga and mindfulness instructor based in Loughborough. Becs wanted us to help her take her yoga business online to allow customers to practice their yoga wherever they are whenever they wanted.

We helped Becs go digital with her yoga and mindfulness business, creating a new website where members could join via a monthly subscription to get all the benefits of live and pre-recorded yoga and mindfulness.

We built a live timetable with interactive chat so that members could join in the conversation and speak directly to their instructor.

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The Challenge

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Website & Content Library

Our task was to create a purpose-built members-only website that hosted video content and weekly live classes and events from Becs McBride Yoga & Mindfulness. that could be accessed from anywhere, on any device.


We created a beautiful responsive website that looked great on all devices. With simple easy to use navigation and filtering for finding the right content at the right time.

YWBM Mobile Visual

Live Yoga Streaming

One of the key aspects of Yoga with Becs Online is that it offers weekly live streaming yoga. We integrated a robust live streaming feature and live chat function that works on any device, without the need for additional plugins or software to be installed by the user.

YWBM Live Visual

Dedicated Dashboard

One of the key tasks was to keep users engaged and help them find the right content for them. We build a dedicated dashboard that users see as soon as they log in. From here users are presented with the latest video content, recommendations, their favourite videos, and easy access to their account settings.

Becs McBride Dashboard

Animated video introduction

We created Becs an animated clip to put at the start of videos, allowing Becs McBride Yoga & Mindfulness to maintain their branding where ever content is posted.

Project background

In March, when the national lockdown was introduced it took many people and businesses by surprise. This wasn’t something that crossed peoples mind and many businesses didn’t have a plan in place.


With lockdown, businesses were forced to close their doors, but the question was how do you keep trading. This was especially true for small businesses like Becs McBride Yoga & Mindfulness.


Overnight Becs entire business disappeared and she lost all of her income. Many similar businesses rushed to using video calling like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts, but this wasn’t a long term solution and resulted in lots of administration and issues.


Becs already had plans of building an online platform and approached us to make this a reality, because there is no time like the present.


We knew the importance of the new website for Becs, keeping her business going and maintaining her income so we dedicated our resources to launch within 6 weeks. The result was a Membership site where customers pay a monthly fee to access content, a mixture of live streaming sessions and pre-recorded videos.


Becs’s patience was well worth the wait and Becs now offers a permanent online membership. Becs invested in the future of her business rather than reacting to the situation.

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